Bus Advertising:Moving your brand through a market

Bus advertising provides great street-level reads to a commuting audience and throughout metropolitan areas.

A variety of bus displays are available including side panels, tail wraps and displays, and interior bus panels.

As buses slowly cruise city streets the exterior advertising can be seen by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on this large transit media.

Interior bus advertising allows your message to be viewed over a prolonged period of time as commuters travel to their daily destinations. Ads can be viewed for over an hour at a time - depending on the length of a traveler's ride. Your ad can also be viewed repeatedly by commuters traveling the same route daily or multiple times per week.

In order to target your audience, bus advertising is available by selecting specific routes or by garage. With enough coverage and careful planning, buses can be used to reach a general market audience very effectively. We can help you to plan your campaign and budget to achieve the amount of coverage needed in whatever market(s) you are considering.

Please contact us to learn more about the variety of media available on buses.

Featured Video

Brasil used these spectacular wrapped double decker buses in Manhattan to promote tourism.

A national program of wrapped buses was a key element in the out of home media mix for Nationwide Insurance. Read more…
Wrapped Bus Advertising for Nationwide Insurance
Tivo used bus ads as part of their outdoor advertising campaign in San Francisco. Read more…
Bus Advertising for TiVo
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