Welcome to the latest chapter in our series, where we dive deep into various markets, providing valuable insights and expert advice drawn from our wide-ranging 30-year experience in the Out of Home advertising industry. In this edition, we’re putting the spotlight on the bustling and iconic cityscape of New York City, highlighting an array of unique OOH media possibilities available to advertisers.

Exploring the New York Market:­ The Big Apple

New York City, often known as “The Big Apple,” is a vibrant metropolis at the heart of American culture, finance, fashion, and entertainment. With over 8.3 million people within the City and 20 million in the wider metropolitan area, New York is a hive of activity, housing attractions like Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and shopping destinations along Madison Avenue and SoHo. The City’s thriving business environment hosts numerous Fortune 500 companies. It offers a rich cultural tapestry enriched by significant Chinese, Korean, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Russian populations, making it a diverse and dynamic market for advertisers.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 8.3 million residents in NYC, with 20 million in the metro area.
  • Home to cultural icons like Times Square and Broadway.
New York City Out of Home digital board

New York City’s Unique OOH Media Landscape

New York City is renowned for its unique landscape filled with skyscrapers, lively streets, and iconic landmarks. NYC consists of 5 boroughs, with Manhattan at its core. Despite the recent shifts in work-from-home practices and consumer mobility, Manhattan’s distinctive layout and high population density continue to make it a heavy foot-traffic market, increasing the value of Street Furniture and Transit OOH. Brooklyn and Queens have become increasingly crucial for reaching local demographics, offering advertisers a more residential and community-focused landscape.

Advertising Opportunities

  • High foot traffic in Manhattan enhances Street Furniture and Transit OOH value.
  • Brooklyn and Queens are key for reaching local demographics.

Manhattan: The Hub of High Traffic and Advertising

Manhattan is home to landmark destinations and tourist attractions. Times Square, a world-renowned vibrant signage district full of digital spectaculars, can showcase creativity and engage millions of pedestrians daily. Due to its global position and the high-profile nature of its signage offerings, displays in Times Square can command high out-of-pocket costs but are often more efficient than other parts of the City due to the massive amount of traffic in the area. Furthermore, the prevalence of digital content in Times Square usually allows for more flexible purchase terms, making such displays accessible to all advertisers.

Times Square Advertising Insights:

  • Engages millions of pedestrians daily with vibrant digital spectaculars.
  • Offers high visibility and flexible purchase terms due to digital content prevalence.
New York City Out of Home digital board

Like any market, the key to OOH placement selection is premised upon deep expertise and an understanding of a campaign’s objectives, especially the intended audience. Keep in mind that Times Square may not be the ideal location for engaging New York City’s local demographic, as it is often avoided to the extent possible by residents due to its crowds and popularity with tourists.

Foot traffic is significant throughout Manhattan and critical parts of New York City’s other boroughs, especially in areas like Fifth Avenue in midtown and SoHo in Manhattan and Williamsburg, Park Slope, and DUMBO in Brooklyn which have limited large format OOH but has ample OOH opportunities eye-level in the form of Street Furniture, Street Murals and storefronts, and a plethora of Place-Based and Transit opportunities above and below ground reaching locals and visitors alike.

Market Demographics:

According to 2021 statistics, New York is the largest media market in the U.S. and is characterized by a cosmopolitan and diverse population. Its prominent universities, finance, art, and tech sectors magnetize students, professionals, artists, and innovators, making New York a coveted market for advertisers aiming to engage with an extensive and multifaceted audience.

Transportation and Accessibility:

New York’s transportation system is one of the most intricate and utilized globally. It is operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Subways, buses, commuter trains, yellow cabs, and rideshare services weave a network that reaches every part of the city day and night.

New York City Out of Home digital transit

The subway system, in particular, offers continuous exposure for advertisers thanks to its 24/7 operation. The opportunities are abundant, from full train wraps to digital screens inside cars and platforms. Taxi-top advertising, digital taxi tops, and rideshare advertising further enrich this landscape, delivering dynamic messaging to pedestrians and drivers alike.

New York City OOH Media Formats:

New York City’s media landscape pulsates with energy, mirroring the City’s renowned vitality. The mix of traditional billboards, vibrant digital displays in Times Square, expansive wallscapes, and innovative digital city information panels known as LinkNYC creates a visually striking platform for advertisers.

New York City Out of Home digital link

The transit system in New York extends beyond buses and subways, offering advertising opportunities that connect with daily commuters, locals, and tourists alike. From bus shelters to eye-catching wraps on trains, the City’s transportation network is a canvas for creative and impactful advertising.

Adding a tech-savvy touch to the streets, LinkNYC digital information kiosks serve as informational hubs, charging stations, WiFi beacons, and unique advertising spaces. Strategically placed throughout the City, these kiosks reach pedestrians and provide a novel way to engage with audiences.

Sports venues like Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden offer prime locations for OOH advertisements, capturing the hearts of sports fans and event-goers. These venues amplify the advertiser’s message through banners, screens, or unique installations.

New York City Out of Home digital board

New York further diversifies its OOH offerings with specialized advertising formats. JFK and LaGuardia airports, mobile billboards, digital taxi tops, rideshare advertising, and iconic locations like Times Square open up opportunities for precise and targeted campaigns.

The rich tapestry of New York’s OOH media landscape, from the bright lights of Times Square to the innovative LinkNYC kiosks, presents something unique for every advertiser. With opportunities as diverse and dynamic as the City, New York is a beacon for brands looking to make a lasting impact.

New York City Trade Shows:

The renowned Javits Center hosts international events and exhibitions, drawing participants from various industries. Advertising formats such as mobile billboards, kiosks, and digital displays can reach attendees across crucial areas of Manhattan, enabling advertisers to connect with specific audience segments.

Out of Home Javits center

Demand for OOH inventory in New York City reflects the City’s competitive edge, with costs emphasizing the value of timely planning to secure optimal media selections.

New York City Trade Shows:

  • Javits Center: Hosts international events and conferences, providing a platform for targeted advertising through mobile billboards, kiosks, and digital displays.
  • High Impact Opportunities: These events attract diverse, professional audiences, ideal for reaching specific market segments.

New York’s mix of traditional and modern advertising spaces, unique pedestrian focus, and multifaceted transportation network offers an unparalleled advertising landscape. The City’s cultural richness and entrepreneurial spirit translate into a thriving OOH media environment, making New York a must-consider market for advertisers seeking significant impact and reach.