Billboard advertising for Chobani Yogurt
Custom 3D branded Segway ads being used in San Diego
Picture of wrapped bus ad for Nationwide Insurance
Picture of Digital Video Advertising Vehicle
Image of an airport advertising display

We're the outdoor advertising specialists

Our single focus is out of home. We've been placing outdoor advertising media across the country, and around the world for 25 years for a wide variety of clients.

Through our company the entire scope of OOH media is available to you: from traditional billboards, to any new non-traditional media or concept-based OOH; from the full scope of digital displays, to street teams, to branded event and experiential marketing on any scale. It's all available and made easy for you and your team with EMC Outdoor.

The elevator pitch: Any Media, Any Market, One Source – EMC Outdoor
Learn a little about our history

The out-of-home / outdoor advertising specialists

We are a media placement and planning agency specializing exclusively in out-of-home advertising, outdoor advertising, OOH advertising. Whatever you prefer to call it, you have found an expert who has been working in the field for 25 years, since 1991.

That's it. That's all we do: billboards, traditional, non-traditional, lifestyle, guerrilla, events, experiential … it’s all available from the people at EMC Outdoor who live, work, eat, sleep and breathe OOH.

We have 25 years of experience planning and placing out of home success stories.

We ran our first campaign in 1991. Since then we’ve conducted over 5000 media buys for our clients across the USA and around the world.

All along we have stayed focused on outdoor advertising, while strengthening our ability to work in its various channels: event marketing, traditional OOH, and the huge channel of non-traditional OOH.

Strategically connecting and producing results for clients is how we’ve stayed in business since “before there was an internet”.

We speak OOH fluently — tap into our expertise, save time, and make your day a whole lot easier.

We work seamlessly with many agencies as their transparent out-of-home media-buying arm. Many of the images that you see on this website are from campaigns and OOH strategies executed on behalf of a creative or media-buying agency. Yes, we work often with media agencies.

While you work on the creative end of your clients' campaigns, or the non-OOH media end of their campaign, we will save you precious time and money by researching, locating and negotiating rates on exceptional out-of-home media — media that will reach its intended audience and maximize your clients' budgets.

Learn more about how we partner with other agencies, or contact us now to see how we can help.

We have over 4000 outdoor advertising media supplier partners in our database.

OOH media buyers and planners are only as strong as their relationships and network speed amongst the OOH suppliers and vendors. Think of us as a fiber-optic connection to everything OOH throughout the USA and elsewhere, with lightning fast response time, and the fullest strategic / creative bandwidth possible.

If there's an outdoor media supplier out there, you can bet that we’re connected to them, we’ve evaluated them, vetted them, and negotiated with them. Tap into our network today.

What our clients are saying:
“EMC provides a wonderful service. The world of out of home media is a huge universe of options. Taking the appropriate diligence to explore the wealth of options available for any given circumstance is a time consuming task. That task is daunting when a communications plan requires similar diligence on multiple other forms of media as well.

Working in partnership with EMC, we do not need to add that huge task to the list. We can make one call or send one email to our team partner at EMC and set in motion a team of experts that can quickly provide us with relevant options for the clients we service. It frees up our time to invest on other portions of the media plan knowing that we will receive a quality, integrated recommendation from EMC.” Read More...

—Mark Dominiak, Insight Garden

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25+ Years OOH Experience
We're thrilled to be in our 26th year! This billboard for the launch of the Sci-Fi Channel way back in 1992 was one of our earliest campaigns.
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We had a great time in Houston helping Sprint reach NFL fans for the big game!
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