To say that streaming video is an important part of our daily lives is, at this point, something of an understatement.

According to one recent survey, your average online user watches about 1.5 hours of video content on a typical day. The same survey said that 15% of people actually watched at least three hours, often more. It should come as no surprise that 81% of businesses said they were actively using video as a marketing tool. That number that is up from just 63% a year ago.

Video is Experiential

The use of video is not only limited to social media or content marketing. Online video content can also be a powerful tool to incorporate with your experiential marketing campaign.

Experiential marketing has always been about creating long-lasting memories. Video content, on the other hand, is extremely effective at making that initial emotional connection. It’s easy to see that once you add these two together, not only can you boost your branded event’s visibility but also increase brand loyalty and the effectiveness of your overall marketing campaign.

Video is Everywhere

Through the past few decades, video has come a long way. According to another recent study, more video content is now uploaded in just 30 days than all of the major television networks in the United States have created in the past 30 years. In fact, online video content is now expected to make up more than 80% of all the internet traffic by the end of the year.

At the same time, all of this practically demands one question. If this is how far online video has come, how much does it still have left to conquer? We’re living in a time where it’s practically ubiquitous – people watch more online videos on their televisions via OTT services, on their smartphones and tablets than they do practically anything else. Is there still room for growth?

The answer is actually a big “yes.” There’s still quite a lot of ground to cover.

Video is Changing

Video, as we know it, is still changing, and the advent of a new video-on-demand on a regular basis is only just the start of it. We’re quickly approaching a time where not just video but live video becomes the new norm. Augmented reality, virtual reality and 360-degree video content is going to change the immersive nature of this medium, for the better and for all time.

All of this means very good things for the ways that you’re able to connect with your target audience. More critically, it will boost the return on investment you’re getting for the money you’re spending on your branded events.

Studies show that 82% of people would rather watch a live video than read a blog or social media post. This goes to show you how powerful live videos can be for your events. Moreover, virtual reality and 360-video can help audiences around the globe experience events as they never have before.

In fact, there are ten powerful trends currently streaming across the online video landscape that can help you supercharge your experiential campaign. Integrated together, they paint a vivid picture of the next decade of online video consumption. They also serve as a perfect example of how you can use video content in your marketing campaigns.


(Infographic credit: Uscreen)