In today’s market, our challenge is to meet and engage people on their terms, in their world, on their map, in some sort of welcomed and unexpected way. As smart marketers, we should always ask “Where do my customers go that I don’t know about? Are there any blind spots that I am missing?”  As is always the way with blind spots, it’s damn near impossible to answer alone from our normal spot on the ground. We are bound to miss where many engagement moments can happen.

To get a better perspective, let’s fly up to a 1,000 foot view above the landscape that people live in — to one of the most important viewing points for any out of home media specialist.

Where does one find the mobile consumer?

All of our weekly paths vary, but the average 18-54 year old zigs and zags their way throughout any given week moving from point A to point B, C, D, E and so on, and they mostly live beyond their homes. While this may seem obvious, have you considered all of the additional opportunities to engage and intercept them with thoughtful and relevant messaging as they move between these points on the marketing map?

A network for reaching people as they trek through their week like footprints on Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map is already in place, and growing. However, people are not wandering the halls of Hogwarts on this map; they are wandering in and around the out of home network.

The map and math most brands ignore. 

Surprised? The stats show that you should be: only 6% of advertising media allocation is spent on out of home advertising. But consider this: 70% of the time, people are outside of their homes — 70%. Commuting, driving, riding the subway, walking the mall, in the cinema or the coffee shop, sweating in the gym, at the grocery store, at an event or concert, and at work of course: all of that time spent AWAY from the couch, TV, dinner table, and diminishing PC space in their home.

What are they doing in the eyes of an out of home expert? They are spending a longer time on the OOH grid than most planners allocate for. Do the math: 70% of their time is receiving only 6% of the average media planner’s attention. Does it add up?

A blind spot discovered? 

Do you think about out of home in this way?  A largely untapped opportunity, already in place, providing a direct connect with a difficult to reach, screen-swiping and mobile consumer? If not, you should. The very robust OOH media network is in place in and around where your prospects roam and tap throughout their day, and you’re missing immeasurable opportunities if you’re not there.

So start building out your OOH map. There is a whole world beyond billboards to navigate and explore. Do it yourself or ask an expert out of home planner to share their maps with you, extending yours while shortening the intervals between your consumer touchpoints. You will start connecting with your target audience in relevant and unexpected ways as they traverse and zig-zag, discovering you on their map.