Connected television has quickly emerged as an essential part of the consumer environment.

The term “Connected TV” simply refers to any kind of home entertainment device, from a smart TV to a PlayStation or Xbox, that connects to the internet. Unlike your standard television, these next-generation entertainment devices offer a new way for customers to consume information, through things like “streaming” services and on-demand content.

Connected TV is a component of the “digitally transforming” environment that we live in today. Smart TV owners continuously use applications on their televisions today. That includes everything from listening to music, to browsing for news, and even shopping online. As television continues to become more connected to the digital purchasing journey, today’s brands have a brand-new way to interact with their clients and consumers.

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The Benefits of Connected TV

Ultimately, Connected TV is a powerful open-platform form of advertisement that caters to a range of new applications. It’s a way for today’s brands to reach out to a younger audience. After all, people today want to be able to access the online world all the time. These tech-savvy audiences are essential for today’s companies, as they make up one of the biggest purchasing markets available today.

The connected TV advertising ecosystem is effective because it combines traditional TV advertising, with the new and improved practice of digital marketing. So, by aligning both practices, companies can access:

  • Enhanced ad quality: Connected TV allows brands to create highly personalized and highly targeted ads with exceptional visual quality and stereo sound. Few other environments allow for the same full-screen interactions with your customers.
  • Various ad formats: Connected television is all about entertainment. That means that businesses have more opportunities to experiment with their ad format. That may mean playing with video, exploring animation, or adding interactive elements to their campaigns. A more engaging ad delivered through CTV can lead to better customer engagement.
  • Higher completion rates: People are used to dealing with advertisements on a television. We’ve all grown up watching channels full of ads, so we’re comfortable simply letting marketing messages run their course. Alternatively, online, people are more likely to skip through ads, or close marketing pop-ups when they disrupt their typical browsing experience.
  • Exceptional targeting and metrics: Like many next-level advertising formats available today, connected TV promotions come with options for highly-targeted advertising. You can decide exactly which postcode you want to target, whether you’d like to connect with audiences that have a specific series of interests, and more. You can even choose when and where your ads should appear. All that, and you get a selection of useful real-time metrics to measure to determine just how effective your campaigns are.

Connected TV marketing gives businesses a unique way to connect with their audiences by combining “traditional” and modern, digital formats. You can deliver an experience that feels native on TV, without compromising on the benefits of digital advertising.

Connected TV Also Supports Cross-Channel Marketing

With Connected TV, brands access a way of reaching their audience when they’re not at their computer screen or browsing social media on their smartphones. It’s essentially like adding an extra string to your promotional bow. What’s more, according to in-depth consumer research, around 87% of consumers report using additional devices while they’re watching television to:

  • Post content on social media
  • Search for reviews of products they see on TV
  • Share information about a product they saw online
  • Search for information about actors, shows, and movies
  • Hold conversations with friends

This means that people are actively engaging and ready to promote your brand or purchase your product when they see your connected TV ad.

Connected TV is quickly becoming the next frontier of digital advertising. It’s popularity as a channel is what makes it so effective. It reaches very targeted audiences with high-quality ads, and it delivers high completion with the data to prove it.

This article has been adapted by the author from an original post, found here.