At EMC Outdoor and EMC Events, we have officially launched our strategy team and named it Account LAB. This team acts as a strategic and creative plug-in, ready for engagement with you around your goals, challenges, and KPIs related to out of home, experiential and events.

Our goal is to create deeply consultative and collaborative sessions with clients that will produce their most successful campaigns. By engaging Account LAB, you can:

  • Significantly broaden the strategic and creative planning across your brands
  • Reduce the amount of time needed by your internal team for the same strategic think and planning
  • Achieve stronger integration across all media channels you are deploying
  • Tap a streamlined channel for enhancing and investigating OOH, experiential and events


As we launch, here’s some background on why we’re officially rolling out, and most importantly, how you can benefit.

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Why Account LAB, and why now?

The advertising landscape has become a super-fast-paced world where a lot of details demand our attention, and work needs to get done ahead of an unrelenting string of deadlines. It seems like almost everyone’s strategic or creative head space is being side-lined as we work to meet dates, and tend to as many client needs as possible.

We have found that strategic planning and focus needs a dedicated team that can step away from this frenetic pace and into a space that allows for some insightful conversation and consultation. Account LAB is our direct answer for this type of place for clients and campaigns, where things slow down and come into focus around a collaborative, goals-focused session.


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Our 5-step process starts with a brief call.

Our process is tailored to each client’s needs, and can range from simple to complex — but it all starts with a conversation.

  1. Gather your team for a brief 20-minute call with our key strategic/creative thinkers, facilitated by an Account LAB lead. We will get a topline brief from you, and establish project guideposts, timeline and deliverables.
  2. On our side, your fuller EMC strategic team is established based on your initial input — equaling an immediately larger and more proactive team working towards your goals.
  3. Our internal team runs for 3-5 days, meeting with EMC expert teams, designing your plan supported by strategy and data, associated creative tactics, and KPIs/proof delivery. You are continually updated and in the loop.
  4. We schedule an organized and facilitated regroup where we present our plan to you: a robust consultation around our initial findings and creative proposal —all based on your input, goals, and KPIs.
  5. Your feedback, and potential next steps.


Although creative and collaborative, our intake and ideation process is streamlined, quickly getting to a plan that is the executable evolution of ideas brought into a session. The often-heard “This is a very cool idea. How can we make this happen?!” is a typical result. Connect with me, and I will be happy to share more details than the top line process shown here.


EMC-Account LAB-team


More on how we work: experience and a customizable team approach.

Our core Account LAB team of three has over 45 years of cumulative experience in OOH, experiential, events and strategic brand insights.

In addition, EMC specialists are brought in to align logistics, digital/mobile integration, research/data and demographic analytics, creative renderings, market knowledge, budgetary considerations and more. Account LAB regularly taps these teams so that we can deliver the most impact and urgency in your session and proposal.



The result? The execution of your planned competitive advantage.

Vince Lombardi once famously said, “Hope is not a strategy.” Account LAB is about planned business strategies that deliver competitive advantage – to client teams that participate, and then live in the field.

For some additional context, consider this: your target audience is being bombarded by over 5,000 marketing messages daily. Take that in for a second: 1.8 million distractions yearly in addition to your brand’s messages. In this environment we must stop, analyze the landscape with goals and challenges in mind, and move forward.

What more can you do to find a competitive advantage for your brand, and a better share of voice in this over-saturated world? I want to also offer: What more can EMC do for you? A place to attack these challenges and create a better competitive advantage for your team is exactly what an Account LAB session is all about.


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Who is it for?

Some clients are experienced with OOH or experiential, some are not. Some are teams, some tap us solo. Some have worked through their brief, some are just starting and tossing ideas around. Regardless of client size/experience/program development phase, with a collaborative mindset we are “all-in” and work towards next-level creativity and strategic alignment.


Focused on ideas, both small and large.

With strategy applied, there is room for both BIG and small, more-humble ideas to be great successes. It’s the idea and the strategy that counts, and our tiered approach will show you multiple plan options.

It’s all fair game to discuss in a safe space of possibilities with the LAB. Think these and more, both large or small. Great things come in all sizes.

  • Traditional OOH that is fully integrated with experiential and events
  • Publicity stunts that amplify your brand on social media
  • Consumer engagement that turns your audience into brand ambassadors
  • Completely immersive digital environments that “wow!” IRL and spur URL activity


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Join us. We need YOU to create your best future campaigns.

For years, EMC has been bringing our clients’ ideas to life. Our most successful campaigns have been a collaborative effort with clients. Our goal is to make you shine, and set a stage where your vision comes to life.

Clients leave an Account LAB session confident that the ideas and execution discussed will be seamless and excellent in the field, and the process is always fun and creative —isn’t that why we got into this business in the first place?

We are ready and available for your session, and are so excited to work with you. Head over to our Strategic Planning page to learn more or contact us below. Join us, we’ve got a seat waiting for you!


Jerry Buckley
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Rainy McGrew
Director of Insights

Christie Massey
Director, Client Services