Designing for out of home can be exciting but also very challenging. Out of home can require a different eye than other media. It requires an approach that simplifies creative while maximizing its impact – a tricky balance to maintain. Out of home consists of billboards and posters, transit media, digital media, experiential media, and everything in between. All of those media come with different creative considerations. Out of home ads need to have special consideration when being designed compared to other forms of advertising. To help you create compelling, eye-catching, and creative out of home ads, EMC has compiled a series of techniques to help guide you through designing a powerful creative for your out of home campaign.

We will provide insight into why creativity is essential for your out of home campaign, how out of home is integrated into the sales funnel, and topics to consider before you start. As you navigate through our guide, keep your audience, message, and location in mind. These three parameters may seem separate but are all intrinsically connected and will help you design a message that caters to your target audience.

There are many formats of out of home media, such as traditional, lifestyle, digital, and experiential. Throughout this guide, we will cover what each format includes, where it is applied, and the guidelines for designing that specific format. Designing for out of home may seem standard across each layout, but each media type has its own design rules, special features, and audience. This guide focuses on the ideas and design behind each format. Detailed information regarding art specs, sizes, resolutions, and file formats is not included since there are many varying styles for out of home.

Because of the brevity of the media channel, the role of creativity in Out of Home is perhaps, even more important than in some other media channels. A great design and a creative that tells a story are vital for evoking an emotional response. This guide will walk you through the ins and out of home design and how it will help maximize your marketing plans. So, let’s get creative!