The Scott Scooter “Dichomania” Tour is making it’s way across the country this summer as part of Scott’s efforts to reach out to the Hispanic community by compiling the world’s first “Dichonario”.


In case you were wondering “dichos” are Spanish proverbs, the linguistic cousins of English sayings like “a rolling stone gathers no moss” or “a penny saved is a penny earned”. The interactive kiosk allowed the customer to enter their dicho via a touch screen pad, and record audio or video. The scooter teams traveled to 6 states and 30 markets while also delivering Scott brand products.


As the Scooters cross the country they are stopping at local shopping centers in Hispanic communities to collect dichos from the customers there, while distributing Scott products to those who participate.


The scooters are equipped with interactive kiosks, that allow participants to type their dichos, or to record audio or video versions and crowds young and old are lining up to take part.


The scooters are creating mini “events” with a party atmosphere wherever they go, making this exciting campaign a wonderfully creative blend of branding and community outreach.


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