What can healthcare brands do for frantic holiday shoppers at crowded malls? Rejuvenate their stamina and holiday spirit with refreshing bottled H2O via branded segway teams.



Our current campaign to roll out Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s new satellite locations throughout the greater Chicago area is designed to reach worn-out holiday shoppers with a great crossover message: “Shop, Don’t Drop”


Working with NMPG’s agency, our teams are being deployed to area malls on peak shopping days this season. Shoppers are being met at the entrances by our branded Segway teams who inform them of NMPG’s information location inside the mall.


At multiple locations inside the mall NMPG has set up temporary signage and tables to distribute free water and other promotional items to thirsty shoppers.  The tables are not only staffed by our knowledgeable brand ambassadors, but also by real live nurses ready to inform people about NMPG’s new locations and services.



By providing some much-needed support and helpful information, NMPG is able to engage with holiday shoppers and deliver their message in a positive, memorable and relevant way.