One of the most powerful aspects of outdoor advertising is that it frequently offers multiple media platforms within the same physical environment.  This is particularly true in urban settings where a wide variety of out of home options may be present.


Savvy brands recognize that by tapping into this wealth of media opportunity and spreading a campaign across multiple formats, they will increase the likelihood of consumers seeing their ad.  They also increase delivery and reach via multiple consumer encounters at various media locations throughout any given day.


Neuro Energy Drink took advantage of the full potential of outdoor advertising by using this multiple media strategy to reach consumers on the streets of Boston.


Transit shelters were selected at strategic high-traffic commuter locations.  These natural choke points are a great place to reach a concentrated audience of commuters.


Next, taxi tops circulated throughout downtown keeping their message on the move through densely crowded areas.  Neuro also employed a clever extension on the taxi tops to help the media pop.


Finally, these beautifully wrapped trolleys acted as rolling billboards as they cruised through the most busy and popular areas of Boston.


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