When restaurant chain Corner Bakery wanted to increase awareness across the Los Angeles market while driving traffic away from their competition, they turned to EMC Outdoor for a campaign of mobile billboard advertising that would provide high visibility, as well as geographic flexibility. cb-02


One of the most powerful aspects of mobile billboard advertising is that it allows advertisers to target very specific locations—including both their own retail spaces, and their competitors’ spaces—simply by going there. Mobile billboards allow advertisers to create out of home media space in areas where traditional media may not be available. By employing mobile billboards, Corner Bakery was able to place large format outdoor advertising directly outside restaurant locations, office buildings, and mass transit hubs.



An additional strength of mobile billboard advertising is that it can also follow a target audience throughout their day. If you want to reach business professionals you can target transit hubs in the morning, business parks at lunch, and other busy locations day and night.


Strategy: Build awareness for new menu items and help drive traffic to Corner Bakery locations throughout the Los Angeles market.

Tactics: Multiple mobile billboards were deployed to cover key areas of the Los Angeles market. EMC Outdoor worked closely with Corner Bakery and their agency to develop detailed routing designed to reach their audience by targeting store locations, nearby competitors, and busy commuter areas.

Results: By using mobile billboards Corner Bakery was able to cost-effectively create their own media space to target retail locations across Los Angeles, driving traffic to their locations and away from their competitors’.


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