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Winemakers and street painters are more alike than some may realize. They work with materials found in their environment—whether grown or built—to create something that appeals to the senses. Street artists work with surfaces of different shapes, sizes and textures, and winemakers work with many varieties of grapes. Regardless of the medium, both wine and art come out as products closely tied to their environment.

This shared nature of making wine and street art is why Intrinsic Wine teamed up with EMC to produce a painted wall advertisement. Intrinsic wanted something that was meaningful to their brand and portrayed the many canvases of street art and wine. A painted wall was the best way to showcase the brand and advertise their new line of Cabernet Sauvignon.


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Intrinsic develops their wines with the intention of provoking feelings of being in the vineyard. Yes, even if the person drinking it is in a city. This is the influence behind the Lady in Red, street-art-style creative on the labels for the Cabernet. It’s completely original and reflects Intrinsic brand’s inspirations. As such, it served as the perfect ad creative for the painted wall campaign.

The painted wall, which took a day to complete, was located around the corner from Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market in Intrinsic’s home state, Washington. The location itself speaks to the desired image of Intrinsic. It’s exactly where the winemakers see their product being able to bring tasters out from the city and into the rolling vineyard hills.


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Watching this masterpiece come to life created buzz for the brand before the painted ad was even complete. It caught the eyes of passers-by who were awed by the level of detail and anxiously awaited the final piece. The painted wall was able to hit an audience of shoppers already looking at making a purchase. Customers shopping in the area were encouraged to add it as the perfect complement to their next meal.

What’s true for winemaking and street art is also true for advertising, you may only have one shot to make an impression. For Intrinsic, everything came together perfectly for this painted wall and it became a beautiful, exclusive Out-of-Home placement in the streets of Seattle.

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