EMC was recently tapped to manage Out of Home tradeshow conference sponsorship opportunities for a vital event in the medical field – Digestive Disease Week (DDW). This prestigious gathering took place at McCormick Place in Chicago, bringing together experts and professionals from across the globe.

EMC’s seasoned tradeshow marketing team was integral in planning and executing unique Out of Home promotional opportunities that maximized reach for exhibitors. Tradeshows like DDW provide an invaluable stage for organizations to engage their target audiences, which often span local, national, and international regions, more effectively and efficiently.

out of home tradeshow sponsorship wrapped vehicle

At EMC, we worked meticulously to curate a portfolio of engaging touchpoints throughout the event. This allowed exhibitors to consistently maintain their brand’s visibility from the moment attendees arrived in Chicago to their last interaction at the conference.

column wraps inside hotel

During DDW, we brought to life an extensive variety of Out of Home tradeshow sponsorship formats, including hotel media, projection media, mobile billboards, branded rideshare programs, and hand sanitizer stations. Coupled with personalized engagements, these platforms facilitated memorable in-person interactions between exhibitors and attendees.

out of home tradeshow sponsorship mobile billboard

While leisure travel has swiftly rebounded, corporate travel is still regaining its footing. Economic uncertainties and emerging norms of flexible work have made each business trip a more considered decision. Yet, every attendee becomes even more significant within this backdrop of reduced travel. As corporate travel trends suggest a steady revival, with live-event attendance as a key driver, engaging these dedicated attendees is crucial.

In this context, events like DDW can benefit immensely by partnering with us by adding new Out of Home tradeshow sponsorship opportunities, keeping exhibitors engaged, and generating additional revenue streams with minimal effort. Such partnerships maximize the reach of the committed attendees present and enrich their experience, making each interaction more impactful. This approach underlines the commitment and interest of these attendees, making them an invaluable audience to connect with at such events. To understand more about the potential of sponsorship opportunities within trade shows, refer to our comprehensive study, where we examined exhibitors and their attitudes toward sponsorships.

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Our comprehensive strategy at DDW ensured advertisers could efficiently allocate their budgets across multiple media formats. This created a widespread reach across the entire conference landscape, maximizing ad spend and enhancing the overall conference experience.

mobile projection on hotel

Here at EMC, we are passionate about the potential of creative marketing to enrich the tradeshow experience. If you’re curious about how we can help your organization make a lasting impact with Out of Home tradeshow sponsorships, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services.