The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) partnered with EMC for a distinctive Out of Home advertising initiative at the BIO International Convention, featuring Ginkgo Bioworks. This collaboration marked a significant leap in enhancing tradeshow experiences through creative outdoor promotional strategies, contributing significantly to the landscape of conference marketing at BIO International.

Working closely with BIO and its exhibitors, EMC’s trade show marketing team meticulously planned and executed this innovative campaign. Tradeshows and conferences like BIO International Convention are vital platforms where diverse audiences gather, providing unique opportunities for advertisers to engage effectively with potential clients and partners, underlining the evolving dynamics of conference marketing.

For Ginkgo Bioworks, the BIO International Convention presented an ideal setting to showcase its brand. The specialized pedicab campaign employed by EMC at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center proved to be an effective and engaging method in the realm of conference marketing. These pedicabs, adorned with Ginkgo’s distinctive branding, provided an engaging mode of transportation for attendees, doubling as moving advertisements and ensuring continuous brand exposure.

The presence of these pedicabs, prominently displayed and readily available, significantly enhanced the convention’s landscape. They offered a novel and memorable way for Ginkgo Bioworks to stand out, driving greater visibility and visitor engagement – a testament to the effectiveness of innovative conference marketing strategies at BIO International.

In this era, marked by a return to in-person events, the campaign leveraged the resurgence of travel and the gathering of international attendees. The pedicab service provided a repeated brand interaction opportunity, greeting attendees as they navigated around the convention center, a key element in the broader context of conference marketing.

  • Benefits of Sponsorship at BIO International Convention:
    • Continuous brand exposure through moving advertisements, demonstrating how sponsorships can keep a brand in the public eye throughout an event.
    • Engagement with a diverse audience, illustrating the capability of sponsorships to connect with potential clients and partners effectively.

This pedicab campaign illustrates how Out of Home media can maximize advertising spend while reaching a broad audience in a dynamic and effective manner, setting a new standard in conference marketing at BIO International. Ginkgo Bioworks’ widespread presence across multiple media formats ensured a lasting impression among the attendees.

  • Strategic Impact of Sponsorship on Conference Marketing:
    • The pedicab campaign is a case study of how sponsorship can be creatively integrated into conference marketing to achieve high engagement and memorable experiences.
    • Reinforcement of the brand’s message through repeated interactions, showcasing the long-term benefits of sponsorship in building brand recognition.

For more information on EMC’s expertise in Out of Home advertising and its impact on conference marketing, especially at major industry events like BIO International, feel free to contact us. Our specialization in creating engaging marketing solutions resonates with audiences in the physical world, showcasing the potential of conference marketing at large-scale events.