Image of wallscape advertising used to reach trade show attendees
Picture of scooter ads used for trade show marketing
Picture of projection media used to reach trade show attendees
The Trade Show Marketing Experts
With 25 years of experience, we wrote the book on outdoor & indoor media for B2B, HCP campaigns and Trade Show Marketing.

Enhance your portfolio with the full palette of outdoor and indoor media through one expert source.

For 25 years, EMC's sole focus has been evaluating and recommending indoor and outdoor media solutions in and around major convention centers in 30+ major cities across North America. The variety of media options available expands sponsorship options offered and expands the B2B marketing footprint.

The trust that comes with experience and expert fulfillment from a dedicated team

Over the years EMC has executed over 1,000 short term, deadline driven trade show marketing campaigns. With a team of experienced B2B marketing specialists we work alongside your team to carry out a multitude of steps to make the process from promotional, sales and fulfillment seamless. 

The benefits of partnering with an expert

EMC has deep expertise in planning and refining the use of media in and around major convention centers through North America. With our partnership, you will benefit from:

Outdoor & Indoor B2B media simplified

Benefit from quick access to city-specific media to choose from outdoor & indoor B2B media solutions. As in-market experts within 30+ convention center cities, we can recommend highly desirable media in each location.

Fulfillment and on-site management of all outdoor and indoor advertising programs rounds out our services. Lots of details, all simplified by your team at EMC Events.

Save time and resources tapping EMC to identify, recommend and execute complete turn-key trade show marketing campaigns.

The trust that comes from working with a Trade Show expert

Since 1991 and with over 1000 trade show campaigns executed, we have been sought out as a strategic marketing partner collaborating with associations, industry members and agencies in the planning and execution of short term, deadline driven trade show campaigns.

Our single focus has always been impactful media for branding primarily outside of the convention center or hotels. We do not specialize in Print or Hotel Programs; instead we are experts in the full palette of outdoor, indoor, mobile and engagement media.

Consultation is provided on a variety of media in high demand by corporate exhibitors to meet marketing needs and goals.

Deep understanding of top convention center markets

We've executed campaigns globally, within major convention center markets in North America and even at smaller conference venues.

Our core tenets of planning involve identifying, evaluating and recommending indoor & outdoor B2B media solutions. Sponsorship offerings are designed to:

  1. Build front of mind awareness from the moment attendees arrive.
  2. Sustain the message throughout the event with daily touchpoints.
  3. Drive foot traffic to the booth for valuable direct engagement.
  4. Enable cross promotion and corporate support.

EMC has also been instrumental in developing high profile, new event marketing media in many top convention center markets.

We know Healthcare

With over 20 years of HCP campaign experience, we understand the intricacies and limitations of healthcare marketing. EMC is recognized as a trusted partner throughout the industry to conduct HCP campaigns working with pharmaceutical, medical device, bio-tech companies as well as top healthcare agencies.

When you choose to work with EMC, you are adding a partner that understands medical marketing and can speak your language!

New Revenue Streams

Capitalize on promotional marketing opportunities surrounding your event space and even increase them inside as well! 300+ media forms to choose from a single expert source.

Offer corporate exhibitors new and creative approaches as sponsorships during its events. Traditional, Indoor, Mobile and even Engagement formats are diverse and well suited to a variety of different strategies and budgets.

Control: Working with EMC Events assures that all marketing undertaken during your event is reviewed, approved and conducted according to event guidelines.

What our clients are saying:
“It was a pleasure working with your team. Your professionalism under the tight timelines and your willingness to work with us at the 23rd hour to make this media sponsorship happen was much appreciated. These photos are great! Yes, I hope we can work together in the future. Please stay in touch!"

—Courtney Cicero, UCB

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25+ Years OOH Experience
We're thrilled to be in our 25th year! This wallscape from back in 1999 is just one example of the trade show marketing opportunities that EMC has helped to develop.
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If you want to make a good impression on trade show attendees, how about a free cup of coffee? Riverbed used this custom coffee cart (complete with video displays) to reach attendees in San Francisco.
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