The outdoor media industry, now popularly termed out of home (OOH) advertising, has grown with warp speed over the last 20 years, expanding its scope and definition in unimaginable ways.  What used to be a portfolio of billboards, posters and transit shelters has morphed into dozens of media categories and hundreds of venues, each with a distinct consumer in mind.  Once used predominately for brand launch or local directional reminder, OOH is now an essential component for any well-integrated advertising plan. It’s a boon certainly for the savvy marketer, but also a bane in that the choices can be overwhelming and hard to stay on top of.

Queue up the experts

That’s why you shouldn’t go it alone.  In our wildly wired world, a little information can be a dangerous thing and one can ill afford to waste their advertising budget.  Enter the outdoor media specialist who by definition is dedicated to being a dynamic resource for both the latest and greatest, as well as the tried and true.  Most importantly, a specialist can help avoid the pitfalls of the uninitiated by steering you clear of ineffective and overpriced options through their extensive experience.  Ultimately, a snazzy concept is only great if it gets results.

It’s always important to carefully choose tactics that best match the needs of each campaign, not unlike staging a successful Broadway production.  All parts must dovetail together to maximize the net effort and minimize unnecessary expense.

That’s what we do

Of course, it just so happens that my company, EMC Outdoor has bought and executed more than 4,000 campaigns since its inception in 1991, each one custom crafted with client goals top of mind.  We believe it’s our job to listen, probe and unearth the most effective, breakthrough solutions.

Just recently, we were asked to quickly (really quickly) execute a 23-market, 2-week long, time sensitive campaign, promoting a new brand’s limited time offer.  No, we did not freak out, nor insist it can’t be done.  Instead, we huddled together, identified 350 perfectly targeted digital units throughout the markets and got the job done.  All in 16 days, I might add.  Awareness raised? Most certainly!  Client satisfied? Absolutely.

We love what we do and would be delighted to partner with you on your next campaign.  Visit our website to spark your thinking and then give us a call.
We’re here to help YOU make smart choices.