A trade show is both a sales and marketing event for the exhibitor. With over 1.9 million exhibitors at events every year (2015 CEIR Exhibition Industry Census), exhibitors now more than ever are competing for attendees’ attention. But how can event organizers, both large and small, work with exhibitors to create effective means of brand enhancement?

Creating Successful Exhibitor Sponsorships

There are a myriad of sponsorship-advertising solutions offered at an event, such as:

  • Continuing education
  • Promotional branding of products and/or services
  • Networking opportunities
  • Digital & Mobile engagement

The event organizer is committed to producing a successful event for all its members in attendance. While there are many tasks at hand when producing an event, sponsorship-advertising solutions are but one element that requires special attention. The development of untapped spaces and attendee engagement activities are on the rise as the newer forms of promotional branding sponsorships.

With 67% of all attendees representing a new prospect and the ability to be a new customer for exhibitors (Exhibit Surveys, Inc.), exhibitors will want to make sure they have every touch-point both inside and outside of the event available to reach attendees.

Successful sponsorship-advertising planning and development is achieved with a diverse range of opportunities capable of achieving marketing objectives throughout the entire event and host city space. Sponsorships sales are realized when an opportunity resonates to influence positive brand recognition, engage stakeholders, and increase visibility beyond the exhibitor’s booth.

Win-Win Situation

A beneficial “win-win” is achieved when an event portfolio demonstrates concise, forward thinking tactics to share with its returning or new exhibitors.  Ideally the event organizer should hit the go button for its current or subsequent year’s sponsorship-advertising solutions as early as possible to keep pace with its exhibition sales. The goal in a “win-win” is to offer a diverse but reasonable number of turn-key sponsorship-advertising solutions to satisfy both creative and marketing goals. Ultimately tactics should include some or all the following:

  • Separation of voice
  • Creation of distinctive presence
  • Sustained brand awareness
  • Influence, and Impact 24/7
  • Quantitative and qualitative measured results

Exhibitors will want to ensure that sponsorship investments will help extend their reach; they are constantly seeking out unique ways to be seen and heard at an event. Event Organizers need to assure that they offer the right mix of sponsorship-advertising solutions to help support their event and organization.

Beneficial Balance of Event Organizer & Exhibitor Outcomes

70% of total exhibitor and sponsor revenue is attributed to exhibit space and 26% comes from sponsorships. (TSNN Research Report – The Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Best Practices Study)An increase in sponsorship sales revenue is achievable if sponsorship-advertising solutions offer something new, meet a range of budgets to achieve creative as well as marketing goals for its exhibitors. At the same time, the sponsor stands to see a return on their investment by way of booth foot traffic, increased social media buzz, a lift in sales or general increase of knowledge of their product and/or service. When event organizers have the foresight, resources, and ability to offer new sponsorship-advertising solutions, both they and the exhibitor benefit.

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