Our future starts with DEI. As a woman-owned and led company, it was imperative for us to take a stance on DEI. This is our public commitment to fostering a diverse and equitable workplace, establishing our DEI-related goals, and setting DEI-related expectations for our employees, clients, and partners.

When we set this goal for ourselves we reached out to the wonderful team at the Paco Collective to help us along this journey. A group of individuals from within our organization, chosen to represent a diverse set of viewpoints and experiences, were set up as a team to contribute to the development of a statement that reflects our position as an organization.

Working through the process was an eye-opening experience in many ways. It forced us to challenge some preconceived notions and it has helped us gain a deeper understanding of the meaning, complexity, and importance of DEI initiatives. By making this statement it is our intent to demonstrate to our industry and the community at large that diversity, equity, and inclusion are important and valued at our agency. This also aligns with one of our core values, “We Lift Each Other Up”, and acknowledges the importance of a strong, supportive workplace culture.

We also know that making a public statement alone is not enough. In the coming months, we will be working with our internal team to look at what steps we can take to advance DEI, both in our own agency and in the OOH community at large. We will also hold a regular review to ensure that we are holding ourselves accountable to the standards we set.

We encourage others in the Out of Home community to step up as well and make a commitment to fostering a more equitable workplace, industry, and world.

Read our full statement here.