We sincerely apologize for getting the Subway “five-dollar-foot-long” song stuck in everyone’s head (you have to admit – it’s a really catchy jingle) but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about this outdoor advertising campaign – we’re always thrilled to see advertisers really making the most of out of home.


This campaign was designed to dominate Atlanta and its surrounding areas with Subway’s brand, and to keep their message fresh by changing copy to correspond with each new promotion.


The campaign has used traditional outdoor like billboards, posters and transit shelters to blanket the Atlanta area, and has been so successful it is now entering it’s second year. It’s also a great example of how effectively outdoor media can be integrated into a larger strategy, and be used to reinforce other media forms like TV & radio.


The cost effectiveness of outdoor has made it feasible for Subway to change their copy with each new promotion, creatives have included everything from cheesesteaks to pizza to tuna subs, and the ever popular, $5 footlong.




In case you were wondering, that sub at the top would be about 30 feet long. We are however unaware of any future plans for Subway to begin offering a “$150, 30-foot-long” sub deal!