When the Pennsylvania WIC (Women, Infants & Children) program wanted to reach their target audience in lower income areas across the entire state to promote healthier dietary choices and greater partnership, they tapped Douglas Gould & Company, a NY-based strategic communications firm who provided the research, messaging, strategy and creative for this re-branding campaign. Douglas Gould & Co. turned to EMC to help leverage the extensive reach of outdoor advertising.


The program promotes these choices by providing lower income families with subsidies that can be used specifically for healthy products like fresh vegetables, milk and whole grains.

Not only did the outdoor advertising campaign need to be statewide, it also needed to maximize the agency’s limited advertising budget. The answer was a multi-media program that included bulletins, 30 sheet posters, and convenience store posters.


This allowed EMC to stretch the reach of the budget as much as possible, while keeping the message in the neighborhoods where it would do the most good.


Because the program specifically provides benefits to lower income families, placement of the advertising across the state had to be carefully targeted to reach their demographic.


In the end WIC ended up with coverage for 4 months in all 67 counties across the state ofPennsylvania. The program included 35 bulletins/posters and over 180 convenience store posters — most of which were targeted in stores that participated in the WIC program.


Whether you are trying to reach a specific demographic spread out over a large area, or target your message with pinpoint accuracy, OOH provides a full palette of media choices that can reach them all!


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