To help celebrate Hispanic Heritage month in Chicago, ComEd wanted to give something back to the local community. Their theme was “El Poder de Agradecer” or “The Power of Saying Thanks”.

To reach Chicago’s Hispanic community ComEd decided to give consumers a voice and provide a way to say “thanks” to the people that had brightened their lives. By using this innovative approach to crowdsource their advertising copy they turned normal community members into advocates.



The mechanism was a digital display vehicle, and a team of brand ambassadors armed with digital cameras. The truck traveled to 15 local events in the Hispanic community where there would be large crowds.


People could write their message of thanks on a whiteboard. Then they were photographed holding up the board.  The pictures were then loaded up to the truck, creating a collage of thanks via the constantly changing images of people.


In addition to the truck, our team would set up a tent to facilitate the photo process, as well as hand out promotional materials to help educate consumers about saving energy.

When it wasn’t at events, the truck would distribute its time between busy locations in downtown Chicago and key locations in the Hispanic community.


Over the course of this 6-week campaign the team collected over 1500 messages of thanks from the community. ComEd created an out of home advertising and branding program that not only raised awareness and educated consumers, but also helped solidify their position as a member of the community.


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