When the national restaurant chain Cosí wanted to launch their new fall lunch menu in major urban markets they turned to EMC for an out of home solution that could be highly targeted, very flexible, and translate easily to each different market.


Cosí wanted to reach a very specific audience – urban professionals in close proximity to Cosí locations within each city. To make things even more specific, they wanted to reach them as they were heading out to lunch in order to help drive traffic to the closest restaurant.

Our solution was a team of branded scooters that could circulate around core business districts as workers headed out to lunch. cosi_02

One of the most valuable assets of mobile media, is that it can allow advertisers to strategically create new space where it will be most effective, and where it may not have been available. By using a scooter team Cosí could place a wall of branding directly outside restaurant locations, office buildings, and mass transit hubs.


Another benefit of mobile media is that it can follow crowds, and be quickly and easily redeployed to wherever your audience is. For Cosí this meant that they could target specific high density business areas, and then follow those consumers as they moved out into the city to go to lunch.



Strategy: Use OOH media to help launch Cosí’s new fall menu to an audience of urban professionals in Boston, NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Chicago.


Tactics: Scooter teams were routed in and around core business districts, and in close proximity to Cosí locations. The teams would target both the stores, and key pedestrian choke points around business areas to catch workers on their way to lunch. Drivers wore branded attire and also functioned as brand ambassadors distributing menus and coupons.


Results: The team distributed well over 50,000 promotional pieces, more than twice the client’s targeted amount!


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