Sound Credit Union wanted to step beyond traditional branding, make a personal connection with consumers, and emphasize their position as a community bank with deep roots in the Seattle area. To achieve this, a team of brand ambassadors has been strategically working key summer events and popular recreational areas to connect with people on the streets, while also giving them something useful.


Block parties, airshows, local beaches, the Taste of Seattle, and Seahawks games all provided great opportunities for the team to interact with large crowds and spread the word for Sound Credit Union. The team had a variety of useful promotional items – including water bottles, re-useable shopping bags, and sunscreen (because, let’s be honest – if anyone is going to forget to bring sunscreen, it’s people in Seattle.)



Street teams and other experiential out-of-home media are a great way to influence public opinion about your brand. A recent study by the Event Marketing Institute shows that 74% of the participations have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted” after participating in an event.


On a separate note, we’re not sure if the “Sea-Hulk” technically needs sunscreen – but it’s good to see that he’s taking skin health seriously.


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