The battle between Icelandic Vikings and Greek Hoplites is heating up, or at least it is in the yogurt world. Icelandic style “skyr” yogurt maker Siggi’s is taking their quest to overthrow Greek dominance of the yogurt world to the next level. A key stage in the quest is to expand brand awareness by adding out of home media—including billboard advertising, posters and transit shelters— to their current marketing mix.


To do that they turned to EMC Outdoor for out of home expertise that could help guide their first forays into the outdoor advertising arena. We worked closely with Siggi’s to determine which of their key markets would be best to maximize their budget, and launch their out of home campaign with greatest impact. The result was a multi-media outdoor advertising campaign designed to reach their audience at multiple key points throughout the market.


In order to maximize both budget and visibility, a combination of billboard advertising, posters and transit shelters was used to allow for widespread, yet highly targeted coverage.


From the strategy and planning stages, through research, negotiation and execution, EMC Outdoor was an integral partner in the process for Siggi’s to simplify and streamline their entry into out of home. We handled all the details — including market / media research, proposals, negotiations, contracting, production, and tracking of multiple creatives for the multiple media and markets selected.


Out of home can be used to create a major presence for your brand across a market area by using a variety of different media. Make the process easy with one phone call to the outdoor experts at EMC Outdoor. We can handle all the details, and streamline your outdoor media buying.


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