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Farmer’s Market: Launching a new product, samples included!

When launching a new product, how would you get yourself out there? That is what Farmer’s Market asked EMC Events as they launched a new brand of pet food including cat food, dog food and pet protein bars and jerky. Wanting to make themselves known in the Chicago market, Farmer’s Market asked EMC how to infiltrate the pet food market with their whole, natural ingredient offerings. What could be better than getting that food straight to the mouths of their happiest audience, the pets of Chicago!

Farmer's Market


Strategy: Use of out of home media to launch a new brand of pet food in Chicago in a fun and unique way.

Famer's Market

Farmer's Market

Tactics: To reach a new audience with a new product, EMC Events devised for Farmers Market Natural Pet Food to sample product straight to the intendeds’ mouth! Using both permission-based and guerilla locations, the Farmers Market team was able to reach consumers, many with their dogs, at a 2-day street fair as well as dog parks and grocery stores carrying the product. The set-up included a branded tent, a fall Farmers Market themed set-up and free samples for the dogs to try on the spot and pet owners to take home!

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

Results: The product launch events were a huge success, not only for Farmers Market, but for the owners and their pets! Dozens of dogs loved getting to try the product right away while hundreds of coupons, “doggy bags” and treat samples were distributed over 4 days of activation with over 17,000 impressions.

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

The campaign was over the course of two, very busy weekends in Chicago. EMC handled everything from the brand ambassadors, to securing the permits for the footprint, all while handing out delicious treats to dog and cat pet owners passing through the street markets. Contact us to learn more about how EMC can help you reach your audience through fun and unique activations!


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