Connect Hearing’s campaign for free hearing tests in Florida, strategically planned and executed by EMC, was a shining example of how effective health awareness can be seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of individuals without being obstructive. Our goal was impactful: to offer free hearing tests in a way that naturally fit into the routines of Floridians.

Unobtrusive Integration of Free Hearing Tests into Daily Routines

Our strategy’s cornerstone was utilizing the non-intrusive nature of Out of Home experiences. Unlike traditional marketing methods that often feel intrusive, our approach was to be where people already are. This meant positioning free hearing test services that blended naturally with daily activities, ensuring that accessing health care did not disrupt the flow of everyday life but rather complemented it.

Mobilizing Health Care in Familiar Spaces

Central to our tactics was a custom-designed hearing test trailer. This airstream, equipped with state-of-the-art hearing test equipment and wrapped in the inviting branding of Connect Hearing, served as a mobile health hub for free hearing tests. It was strategically placed in locations already part of the community’s daily errands and routines.

Our approach extended beyond the mobile unit with our brand ambassadors. These individuals visited local shops and areas of daily congregation, providing information about the free hearing tests in an informative yet unobtrusive manner. Their presence in these familiar spaces added an element of convenience and accessibility, making the prospect of a hearing test a natural and easy addition to one’s day.

Effective Outreach and Community Engagement

The campaign’s results were a testament to the effectiveness of this approach. The Connect Hearing airstream trailer, seamlessly integrated into the daily paths of thousands, led to an impressive 56,390 impressions on event days, contributing to a total of 157,390 impressions throughout the campaign.

 This high visibility and engagement were further evidenced by the 1,380 interactions we had with the public and the 420 items we distributed. Notably, 80% of those screened showed signs of hearing loss, underlining the critical need for such accessible health interventions.

Setting a New Standard in Health Awareness

This campaign by Connect Hearing, with EMC’s strategic execution, has set a new benchmark in health awareness campaigns. By Connect Hearing adopting an unobtrusive, Out of Home approach that met people where they already were, we not only raised awareness about hearing health but also demonstrated the power of non-intrusive healthcare outreach.

This initiative serves as a successful model for integrating essential health services into the fabric of everyday life, proving that effective health communication can be both impactful and respectful of the public’s daily routines.

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