Do You Need Quantitative Proof That Out-of-Home Media Works?

Are you a data-centric marketer with a brand or business that you’re trying to promote? Then listen up, for the brand new USA Touchpoints / Reality Mine study “OOH and Today’s Mobile Consumer” (link) should be of special interest to youResults from the study, which sourced over 1800 smart phone users and compared a variety of media formats, showed that out-of-home truly excels at reaching consumers in the period leading up to key mobile activities like purchases, seeking or giving purchase recommendations, surfing brand-related social media, and searching online.

Key Findings of the Reality Mine Study:

• OOH outperforms ALL traditional media (even TV) in the hour before key mobile behaviors occur like online shopping, brand searches, and check-ins.
• OOH can intercept consumers near or at the point of purchase better than any other advertising media. (Online or in a retail location.)
• OOH ranked 2nd in terms of weekly hours per user at 19.6.  TV took the #1 spot.
• OOH achieved the highest reach at 99% of the study participants.

Out-of-home & the Mobile Connection:

With the amount of purchases and purchase decision behaviors (search, research, reviews, social media posts) that occur on mobile, the connection between OOH and mobile is a boon for advertisers everywhere. Out of home offers an amazing opportunity to be top of mind just as consumers are in a decision-making mode.  People are not only consumers of goods and services, they are also consumers of media, and the study shows the strong links between the public’s consumption of both in the world outside of their homes.  We’ve been talking about the connection between out of home and mobile for a while now (here and here), so it’s exciting to see some data coming out to support this.

Does this only affect mobile activity?

No. Out of home has always had a strong relationship to purchase decision-making.  Just ask any brand that is strategically placing media near retail locations around North America. The new Reality Mine study considers that the increasing mobility / portability of phones and the internet only allows for OOH proximity near purchase points to be enhanced even further.  As they walk, drive or ride, people are clearly passing and engaging with out of home.

Need an update on this new data?

It’s a lot to take in, especially if you are not as familiar with out-of-home as you are with traditional media.  Feel free to reach out to me, or any of the OOH experts at EMC Outdoor.  We’d love to help you interpret the stats and provide evidence why these new findings are so important to advertisers and their agencies in today’s hyper-connected world.