New York City, NY – The MLB Flagship Store in Times Square opened its doors in 2020, marking a significant moment in the world of sports retail. Major League Baseball turned to EMC, leveraging over 30 years of expertise, to design an effective Out of Home advertising strategy. This strategic move effectively positioned the MLB Flagship Store at Times Square as a premier destination for 2022 postseason and team gear enthusiasts.

MLB Flagship Store Times Square

Unparalleled Brand Exposure in NYC

With Times Square’s reputation as a bustling hub, the MLB faced the exciting challenge of captivating a diverse, dynamic audience. Our solution? A vibrant showcase on Times Square’s large digital display. By featuring a dynamic range of MLB team gear, the display wasn’t just an advertisement but an invitation to explore the richness of baseball’s legacy and latest merchandise.

Complementing the vivid visuals of Times Square, we strategically employed digital taxi tops and interior train car advertisements. These mediums provided essential store information — location, operational hours, and the array of products available — ensuring that the MLB Times Square Store reached many commuters, tourists, and city dwellers.

digital taxi tops in NYC

Effective Use of Digital and Transit Advertising

The campaign’s strategic employment of digital taxi tops and interior train car advertisements ensured widespread visibility. These mediums, prominent throughout NYC’s streets and transit systems, offered precise details about the MLB Flagship Store.

MLB Flagship Store Times Square digital billboard.

This method effectively turned each taxi and train into a moving billboard, directing a diverse audience through the city to the heart of baseball fandom at the MLB Flagship Store in Times Square.

MLB Flagship Store Times Square train cards

Impactful Results and Consumer Engagement

The results? A home run. The Out of Home initiative for the MLB Flagship Store in Times Square resonated well with the public. Visible excitement and engagement with the brand were notable. Fans and tourists enthusiastically shared their experiences and purchases on social media, helping to widen the campaign’s impact organically. The MLB’s strategic location in one of the world’s most vibrant areas, combined with our focused OOH strategy, significantly reinforced MLB’s standing in the sports retail world.

MLB Flagship Store Times Square taxi tops

Get Your Brand in the Game

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