As we in Out-of-Home start to hit our stride in the new year, we also reflect on what proved to be a banner year in 2019. It was one in which OOH saw a resurgence like no other media has ever experienced. The media landscape changed drastically and brands across the board moved quickly to capitalize on OOH. With new technologies and a wealth of data, marketers were afforded new capabilities that offered more efficiency, better audience engagement and crucial measurement.

This Best of the Blog 2019 is a compilation of last year’s top-performing, most-read, most-shared articles on the EMC Outdoor blog. It’s an opportunity to take one last look at some of the year’s major milestones and themes from across out-of-home, experiential, tradeshows and digital marketing.

We discussed engagement with a focus on advertising that draws consumers in and integrating experiential and social to create a new tactic…

The Push and Pull of Out of Home Today

The Intersection of IRL and URL: Engagement Marketing

We offered insights on ways to optimize your out-of-home campaign and use data to make critical planning decisions…

6 Best Practices to Perfect Your Out of Home Advertising

Geopath Insights Transforms Out of Home to Audience-First Media

We explored ways brands can connect with highly targeted audiences by reaching them in their environment…

How Location-Based Strategies Can Improve Destination Marketing

Reaching Sports Fans with Experiential Marketing

5 Reasons Out of Home is Important for Trade Show Marketing

We shared our points-of-view on changes in marketing and advertising, and asked some of our expert colleagues to give us theirs…

The Brave New World of Location Based Marketing

The Disruptive Future of Programmatic Out of Home

Ask the Experts: What is the most influential change you’ve witnessed in OOH?

Finally, we had some fun seeing how out-of-home stacked up against one of its media rivals…

What a $5M Super Bowl Ad Can Buy in OOH in 2019

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