Author: Haley Altus

Millennial Mindset Pt 3: The Experiential Element

What if I told you the best form of advertising to reach millennials isn’t really “advertising” at all? – at least not in the traditional sense. Our lives are centered around relationships, and while marketers seem to think those relationships are all online, most of us would still prefer face to face experiences. In my last article, we talked briefly about how experiential advertising is incredibly effective in campaigns targeting millennials. In this article, we’ll talk about why it’s absolutely necessary.

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Millennial Mindset pt2: Creative that Connects

Millennials hate advertising. There, I said it. But we still need the essentials. We still want to travel, we want to go out, we want a better phone plan. So where do we get information? Sounds like a major conundrum, right? In part 2 of our series on millennials we take a look at what kind of creative connects with this generation.

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