San Francisco is one of the top trade show and convention markets in the country and possibly the world. It also happens to be a fantastic city for food, drink, sights, and shopping.

I often spend a lot of my time in markets checking out the media we place for our clients in and around the convention center. It’s easy to jump in a taxi, as you see the illuminated taxi tops traveling down the busy streets of San Francisco. Check out the taxi TV while you ride inside, and maybe get a suggestion about where you can go throughout the city for deals and events.

As you walk past Union Square headed South, you can see all the high-end shops and hotels, as well as some of the biggest billboards and banners that the city offers. The area downtown on the way to the Moscone Center is filled with a lot of spots to explore along Market St. You’ll walk past some European style street columns as well as digital & static transit shelters. Alternatively, as you get closer to the convention center, stop in the Yerba Buena Gardens for a strong coffee and take in the beautiful scenery and weather.

Adobe | Dreamforce 2016

You can always pop into the Metreon for a quick bite as well. As you head toward the 4th Street exit, don’t forget to look up at the massive wallscapes on the side of the building that face the Moscone West building. On the street level, there are opportunities for wrapped doors and windows lining the streets and main walkways that attendees take between buildings.

Celgene | 4th St Doors

Along this walk, on the corner of Howard & 4th Street is where you might run into some crazy oversized balloons!

Galderma | Balloons

The Moscone Center is a great venue for an event with its multi levels and killer views. Inside the center you can strategically place branded opportunities such as hand sanitizer stations or cell phone charging stations. These and many other media formats are great interactive options for attendees that not only delivers a message but also some goodwill.

TEVA | Hand Sanitizers & Wallscapes

When checking out the advertisements on one of San Francisco’s biggest icons, I take the Powell Line and ride the cable cars up and down the hills of San Francisco. The Powell Line runs from downtown up north to Fisherman’s wharf where there are some great spots along the water to grab a cold Anchor Steam and some fresh seafood.

Cable Cars

Fisherman's Wharf | Seafood

One neighborhood you’ll love to explore is China Town. Start at the Dragon’s Gate where you can grab a selfie. From there you can walk in almost any direction and come across great shops and restaurants. One I highly recommend is Muracci’s, a Japanese curry restaurant.


A staple San Francisco restaurant with some of the best ambience & bars is Farallon. The inside is decked out to make you feel like you are underwater as you select from a delicious choice of classic seafood menu options. The bar is fully stocked and the bartenders extremely knowledgeable and talented.


During a trade show, it’s key to remember that the attendees are not spending 100% of their time in the convention center. Conventions & Events often travel to amazing cities, such as San Francisco, where attendees can take a “mini-vacation” to explore the sights as well as partake in the local culture, food and drink. Outdoor adverting hits people where they work and play!