Out of Home 101:

What is Out-of-Home media? Well...billboards, right? Hold up–not so fast!

Billboards are the most widely recognized component of the Out of Home media landscape, but traditional, non-traditional and experiential forms of out of home offer so many more options for strategic brand awareness and audience reach.

The purpose of OOH 101: A Comprehensive Introduction to Out of Home Media is to show marketers and advertisers that out of home offers a variety of media with valuable reach and targeting capabilities. Year after year, we see out of home as a small portion of advertising budgets, and we want to change that.

In this ebook, we cover everything from out of home media formats and uses to why and how you should include it in your media plan. Let it be a resource that gives you deeper insights into the world of out of home advertising and a better understanding of how to make it work harder for you!

Read OOH 101 to learn:

  • OOH types and formats
  • Benefits of OOH
  • Why OOH should be integrated with other media
  • Considerations for planning OOH
  • How to integrate OOH with your media plan