Let us navigate the outdoor media & billboard buying landscape for you.

At EMC Outdoor we've specialized in outdoor advertising and out-of-home media placement for 25 years, and executed over 5000 media buys for our clients.

Buying outdoor advertising is a complex, time-consuming and potentially costly process for time-pressed media buyers, business owners and advertisers to navigate. As an outdoor expert, EMC simplifies this process and saves you time by researching the available media for you, while centralizing the RFP and point of communication to a single expert partner.

Contact us to learn more about the world of outdoor advertising media, and how it can all be available to you through one experienced and reliable source.

Simplify your out of home media buying with one expert partner.
Simplify with one expert partner.

An entire outdoor advertising media plan with one phone call

Simplify for better results with EMC as your single contact, one-stop shop for outdoor advertising. It's simple: avoid aggravation on the front-end of your campaign by having us research what's available, and get a great rate and location in the end by having us find the best deal for you.

No matter what the size of your advertising need, from a single billboard to events in the top 20 DMAs, put our expertise to work for you today!

Out of home media buying on your own, or with us? What’s your best option?

Did you know that there are over 300 forms of OOH / outdoor advertising media? Did you know that a great many of our clients end up advertising on our recommended media alternatives — saving money and getting better value? Did you also know that a proper evaluation of a target market often requires contact with at least 5 separate vendors? That's a lot of time Googling and waiting for returned phone calls and emails from vendors. Now, let's talk about researching and managing a campaign with multiple media forms in multiple markets . . . well, you get the picture!

Can your time be better spent?

Better spent than researching / calling multiple vendors, waiting for returned calls and then making sense of the variety of proposals needed to assure you are getting an accurate representation of what is available? How will you know you haven't missed the vendor with the best media, locations or rates? Could you use a partner who will act as an advocate and expert on your behalf — one that will ensure you get the best media / location(s) available at a fair rate?

Aggressive outdoor advertising pricing negotiation and value-add

We can save you money by aggressively negotiating on your behalf amongst the ever-growing multitude of outdoor vendors and space owners in the market(s) you are considering. Savings can also be found in our value-added options and alternative media suggestions that you may not have considered.

Get all of the selection — and value — of out-of-home from one experienced partner.

We work this way across the USA, Canada and Europe to ensure that you get a fair and value-added rate — on top of great placement that will get you noticed. With EMC Outdoor, you can buy and advertise on ANY type of outdoor media in ANY market.

In addition, there is no-charge to quickly see what is available in the market(s) you are considering. It's as simple as giving us a quick phone call to (610)353-9300 or email, and then allowing us to search for the best locations and media opportunities for you — all backed by our expertise in the markets and media we recommend.

About our OOH expertise throughout the USA and beyond.

Every image that you see on our website is from a campaign that we have actually executed for our valued clients. We want our site to be a reflection of work that we actually do — all over the world and fueled by our passion for outdoor and the needs of great clients.

From billboards to street teams to mobile campaigns . . . from New York to Atlanta to Miami to Chicago to Dallas to LA and even Hawaii and Europe just to spice things up . . . we are researching, designing and managing OOH programs across the full palette of available media and markets — and you can tap that expertise today with no contract.

Where do we work?
We've placed media all over the US, and even internationally. This map has just a selection of the campaigns we've run.

Yup. Even there . . . .

Click on the map to see a sampling of where we've worked.

What our clients are saying:
“The Haverford Trust Company has developed an excellent and trusted business relationship with EMC over the past few years. We depend on EMC to handle all production and logistics regarding our outdoor campaign and look to them to suggest improvements on our creative product.

The team at EMC is quality focused which is critical for continued success with Haverford. We are fortunate to have found a third party intermediary that we can continue to depend upon to deliver world class service.”

—Chuck Homer, Vice President Marketing, The Haverford Trust

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25+ Years OOH Experience
We're thrilled to be in our 26th year! This billboard for the launch of the Sci-Fi Channel way back in 1992 was one of our earliest campaigns.
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We had a great time in Houston helping Sprint reach NFL fans for the big game!
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