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We could talk about ourselves all day, but ultimately our best advocates are our clients.

We've always believed that our client's success is our success, and we approach every program with that attitude. Work hard, provide a valuable service, and build lasting relationships with our clients.

“Betsy and the team at EMC represent the absolute best in class. They are the epitome of what you expect from a partner working with you to deliver outstanding solutions and results for clients: responsible, responsive, diligent, thorough, prompt, efficient, effective, innovative and above all really good people to conduct business with. When you start a project with them you know you are getting cutting edge and creative. If there is a way to make something happen they will do it.

I have been particularly impressed with the attention to detail. You are never surprised by unexpected costs, license and permit requirements or delays. They develop a timeline and stick to it. Over the years they have brought their best work no matter the client or size of business. From award winning executions to tactical on the market they have always come through. And they have evolved with the industry to match their capabilities making them remain relevant and my confident choice for a partner.”

—Sujatha Parthasarathy, TM Advertising

“EMC provides a wonderful service. The world of out of home media is a huge universe of options. Taking the appropriate diligence to explore the wealth of options available for any given circumstance is a time consuming task. That task is daunting when a communications plan requires similar diligence on multiple other forms of media as well.

Working in partnership with EMC, we do not need to add that huge task to the list. We can make one call or send one email to our team partner at EMC and set in motion a team of experts that can quickly provide us with relevant options for the clients we service. It frees up our time to invest on other portions of the media plan knowing that we will receive a quality, integrated recommendation from EMC.

EMC is very good at listening to the objectives of plan efforts, understanding the audience we are targeting and providing multiple media forms as options in addition to conventional outdoor display advertising. Their ability to do this almost always contributes new thinking to how we can reach prospects in unique and unexpected ways, helping us increase plan impact.

We've worked with our key contact Mary Jo Pittera for about 7 years now and have a wonderful working relationship with her and through her, with the entire EMC team. Mary Jo is knowledgeable, highly responsive and a great person to work with. Mary Jo does not just provide information; she also actively looks for opportunities that can create ROI, not just marketplace impressions."

—Mark Dominiak, Insight Garden

“It was a pleasure working with your team. Your professionalism under the tight timelines and your willingness to work with us at the 23rd hour to make this media sponsorship happen was much appreciated. These photos are great! Yes, I hope we can work together in the future. Please stay in touch!"

—Courtney Cicero, UCB

“It was an absolute pleasure working with EMC! The professionalism and enthusiasm of the entire team from the first phone call to the last day of the campaign was outstanding.

The team presented us with a wide range of media options to choose from and helped us narrow down our options based on insights and expertise. When we eventually landed on our tactics the team did a great job working with our agency partners to bring them to life. An outstanding campaign and EMC should be commended."

—Sheldon Gasee, Senior Brand Manager, Weetabix

“The Haverford Trust Company has developed an excellent and trusted business relationship with EMC over the past few years. We depend on EMC to handle all production and logistics regarding our outdoor campaign and look to them to suggest improvements on our creative product.

The team at EMC is quality focused which is critical for continued success with Haverford. We are fortunate to have found a third party intermediary that we can continue to depend upon to deliver world class service.”

—Chuck Homer, Vice President Marketing, The Haverford Trust

“It is important to me that I comment on the excellent job you and the EMC team did on the Baltimore Life Insurance Company billboards.

As you recall, we had almost no experience working with outdoor advertising. With that in mind, we wanted to partner with an experienced, talented organization. We certainly did so when we started working with you and EMC.

In retrospect, the idea of an agency also was a real benefit to us. We didn't have to work with different advertising providers, so we saved a lot of time. In addition, I suspect that your buying power more than offset your fees, so we probably saved money by using EMC.

Working with you was a really positive experience. You gave us sound recommendations, and went to bat for us to get the best possible locations.”

—Paul E. Neumayer, VP, Corporate Marketing, The Baltimore Life Insurance Company

“Since discovering EMC Outdoor, it has become my go-to company for billboards across the country.

Our rep, always goes above and beyond finding us well placed boards within our budget that have received tons of measurable attention for our campaigns. I truly believe she is a miracle worker!

The rest of the staff at EMC is incredible supportive, friendly, flexible, and professional. I would highly recommend EMC Outdoor to anyone who is looking to do outdoor advertising – and I do!"

—Patricia Howard, Advertising and Media Outreach, PCRM

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