We speak both "Out of Home" and "Agency" fluently

Tap into 25 years of out of home expertise, save time and make your day a whole lot easier.

Our only specialty is out of home advertising and we work seamlessly with many agencies on a project basis, as their ongoing transparent out of home media buying arm, and even interfacing with their clients as needed and requested. Name your style; we'll adapt to what you need, and the partnership that makes you comfortable.

While you work on the creative end of your clients' campaigns, we will save you precious time and money by researching, locating and negotiating rates on exceptional out of home media — media that will reach its intended audience and maximize your clients' budgets. Many of the images that you see on this website are from campaigns executed on behalf of a creative or media buying agency.

Saving time and money AND looking great in front of your clients is all possible with EMC. Tap us as your outdoor partner today. You'll wonder why you didn't do it a long time ago.
What's in it for you?

For you: $0! Get quick RFP responses and no-charge proposals for all your OOH needs

These days we're all looking for extra ways to save money, fast! Start saving today by having us invest the time needed to research your out-of-home media needs at no-charge. You can rest assured, knowing that the info we provide will be creative and comprehensive — with rates and added-value aggressively negotiated on your behalf.

In addition, we will make suggestions from the fuller palette of outdoor media where appropriate. Our goal is to provide you and your clients with the best program, space and media options available. Of course, the value we bring will be evident in the time you save, the rates, the bonus time and the smiles on your clients' faces.

Oh, and our RFP response time is pretty darned fast.

That's just the start. When your clients move forward it gets even easier!

Once you move forward with any part of a proposal that we provide, all you need to do is provide the creative digital files. From there we will handle all printing, production, installation and display time management.

At the end, you will receive a comprehensive proof of performance that you can share with your client. The only thing you need to worry about is the creative. We'll take care of all the other details.

Partner with us. We want to make your day easier and demonstrate results for your clients

Let us help you to immediately increase the amount of out-of-home media and markets that you offer to clients, open up some time at your agency, and make suggestions on how we might use outdoor in the campaign you are currently planning. What are you working on right now? We'd love to have the opportunity to show you what we can bring to the table. Please call or email us today.

Our Work:

We love what we do, and every campaign is a unique solution - these are a few of our favorites. See some more here.

South Dakota

Taking a national monument on an experiential road trip.


Integrating OOH and Digital helped Delta Dental drive awareness.


Reaching conference attendees in New Orleans with OOH media.


Targeted Out of Home placement drove this delivery service to max capacity.


We created a wall of branded surfboards to take this brand to the beach.


Sprint made a big splash at the big game in Houston


Rally Health used out of home to help drive traffic to their Healthfest event.


Nerd Wallet took over transit stations in San Francisco to reach a tech audience.


Read about our experiential recruitment food truck here.
What our clients are saying:
“EMC provides a wonderful service. The world of out of home media is a huge universe of options. Taking the appropriate diligence to explore the wealth of options available for any given circumstance is a time consuming task. That task is daunting when a communications plan requires similar diligence on multiple other forms of media as well.

Working in partnership with EMC, we do not need to add that huge task to the list. We can make one call or send one email to our team partner at EMC and set in motion a team of experts that can quickly provide us with relevant options for the clients we service. It frees up our time to invest on other portions of the media plan knowing that we will receive a quality, integrated recommendation from EMC. Read More...

—Mark Dominiak, Insight Garden

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