Digital Media Services

We provide strategic, location based digital media that will integrate seamlessly with your OOH, Trade Show, and Experiential marketing campaigns.

Where you go is who you are

The consumption of digital media has moved off the desktop, and into the palm of our hands. If you still think of digital and Out of Home as two separate media channels, here are a few facts you should consider.

  • • People spend 70% of their waking hours outside the home (OAAA, 2015)
  • • 68% of mobile use is done “on the go” (Criteo Mobile Report, 2014)
  • • 71% of all digital minutes are on mobile (Entrepreneur, 2018)

To help our clients take full advantage of the natural synergy between the online and offline worlds we provide a range of location based digital media services.

Location Based Digital Media Tactics That Include:

  • • Mobile / In-App Ads
  • • Display / Banner Ads
  • • Social Media Marketing
  • • Digital Radio
  • • Digital Video
  • • SEO/SEM

Consumers are 48% more likely to click on a mobile ad after seeing the brand on Out of Home.
That means that by integrating your Out of Home and Digital media you can increase the effectiveness of your mobile ads by almost 50%. That translates to real, significant value when considering the cost of your media
Sources: NeuroInsight: Beyond OOH, 2015
Integrating Digital and Out of Home Helps Drive Results

Recent studies have shown a direct link between digital media and Out of Home. A 2017 Nielsen study showed that Out of Home helped drive search activation at almost four times the rate of other media spend, dollar for dollar.

With the amount of time that consumers spend outside the home, and the amount of time they are interacting with digital media in that environment it should come as no surprise that the two media channels enhance each other.

What are the benefits to integrating your Out of Home and Digital Media?

  • • More highly targeted impressions with both media channels
  • • Multiple touchpoints for same campaign
  • • Better consistency of messaging
  • • Greater share of voice when both channels are aligned
  • • Broaden the length and scope of the campaign
  • • Facilitate cross-platform campaigns with geotargeted audience identification

Delta Dental combined OOH & Digital media to generate major lift. Read more…
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