A revolution in Out of Home Measurement

These aren't your grandmothers DEC's.

Out of home media has long been hampered by the lack of effective ratings measurements. The traditional rating of DEC (Daily Estimated Circulation) just didn't compare to the ratings provided by television and radio. It was apples and oranges.

The industry as a whole embarked on an extensive and sophisticated research plan to create a new way of looking at how outdoor advertising is measured. Now, out of home ratings can be compared and used in conjunction with the ratings of other local and national media - Now it's apples to apples.

The result was a new system that is comprehensive, standardized, quantitative and accurate. "Out of Home Ratings" are now the official currency for out of home advertising

A new way of looking at Outdoor Advertising Media

The new Out of Home Ratings were based on innovative and extensive research that combined data including circulation counts, visibility, demographics and travel data to arrive and reach and frequency numbers that could be used in conjunction with circulations from other major media.

The new Out of Home ratings include a wide variety of information, with more on the way:

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