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Does Brand Authenticity Matter?

We’ve all heard the popular slogans companies use to position themselves as socially supportive organizations. Since this positioning strategy can be a value-add for a brand, but it can also be perceived as disingenuous, it’s important that brands understand authenticity and why it matters.

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Out of Home and the Casual Consumer [Infographic]

Out-of-Home advertising is something we encounter on a daily, even hourly basis. Paired with other forms of advertising, it can amplify any campaign. Check out the stats below and the story of Jane, your average consumer. Follow her on a routine day where Out-of-Home and Digital media influence her as she commutes, shops, and makes a buying decision.

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Why Top Brands Spend More on Out of Home

In the latest World Advertising Research Center (WARC) Global Ad Trends report, it states “successful brands allocate an average 13% of their media budget to out of home.” Since reading the report, I have been interested in understanding more about these successful brands. Who are they and why do they buck the 6% average adspend in Out of Home?  How do they use OOH to strategically position their products and services? Most importantly, why should we pay attention to the trend?

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