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Does Brand Authenticity Matter?

We’ve all heard the popular slogans companies use to position themselves as socially supportive organizations. Since this positioning strategy can be a value-add for a brand, but it can also be perceived as disingenuous, it’s important that brands understand authenticity and why it matters.

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The Rhythm of Advertising

I’ve come to think about advertising in a different way. There is a flow by which we live and a rhythm by which we walk, and if any of those things go off beat, we know it fast. When an advertising message falls into our rhythm, it breaks through and is on beat with our life, and that’s a connection that sticks.

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The Power of Good Creative

As advertisers, we want to put branding on everything under the sun to reach our target audience. The consumer’s focus and attention are in high-demand and every brand is fighting for a slice of the pie. Good Out of Home creative grabs the consumer’s attention, makes them take an action, and helps you achieve your ROI!

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6 Common Planning Mistakes in Out of Home

What advertisers who are new to OOH don’t realize is that there are many factors to consider when building a campaign, such as viable media formats, audience targeting, location, etc. Gain a better understanding of OOH and strategies that will increase its effectiveness, and avoid these common mistakes!

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10 Reasons Out of Home and Experiential Marketing are Essential to Strategic Account Planning

As strategic planners, our job is to consider the most effective and creative approaches that we can bring to market based on our clients’ goals, maximized budgets and, hopefully, a mix of genius creative spin. As an out of home and experiential marketing strategist, my job is to ensure that media planners, buyers and strategists are considering the often-overlooked channels that I work in throughout the year. In that spirit, here are 10 reasons why you should be taking a deeper look at Out of Home media and experiential marketing.

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Intro to OOH: Pt 3 – How to plan your Out of Home Media

Recent changes in data & technology are transforming the industry into a media that can be planned with the same types of targeting and precision as other channels. With the wide variety of media options available, the variability of media efficacy across different markets, and the advances in data, it’s critical that advertisers approach their OOH plan with the same level of detail as their other media. So, to help get you started here are some of the key questions that you will want to have the answers to before you start planning your Out of Home campaign:

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