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Out of Home Media Drives Recruitment for Recovering Businesses

As we begin the long road to economic recovery an important aspect for business trying to return to normal will be staffing and recruitment. A large pool of potential employees coupled with a large number of returning positions will lead to a volatile market for recruiters. As they work through this period it will be important to remember that Out of Home media drives recruitment from a number of different angles.

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5 Important Trends for Out of Home in 2019

As the New Year fast approaches, we take a look at trends that are gaining ground in out of home. As marketers and media planners know, staying up on the latest technologies and innovations means future-proofing your business and creating a sustainable operation built for success. This is precisely how the out of home industry has managed to grow at a time when screens and digitization dominates every corner of our business and personal life. Data and technology will continue to drive the changes in OOH, just as it is with other media channels. As we look ahead, we see opportunities to increase efficiency and connectivity while decreasing irrelevant creative and wasted impressions.

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Innovating With the Oldest Ad Medium

In recent years, Out of Home advertising has gained greater recognition as a core part of an integrated media plan. The digitization of assets is rapidly transforming how and why advertisers use it. With new technological advances, we look at what brands are doing with this extraordinary opportunity to innovate.

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The Rhythm of Advertising

I’ve come to think about advertising in a different way. There is a flow by which we live and a rhythm by which we walk, and if any of those things go off beat, we know it fast. When an advertising message falls into our rhythm, it breaks through and is on beat with our life, and that’s a connection that sticks.

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The Power of Good Creative

As advertisers, we want to put branding on everything under the sun to reach our target audience. The consumer’s focus and attention are in high-demand and every brand is fighting for a slice of the pie. Good Out of Home creative grabs the consumer’s attention, makes them take an action, and helps you achieve your ROI!

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