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5 Important Trends for Out of Home in 2019

As the New Year fast approaches, we take a look at trends that are gaining ground in out of home. As marketers and media planners know, staying up on the latest technologies and innovations means future-proofing your business and creating a sustainable operation built for success. This is precisely how the out of home industry has managed to grow at a time when screens and digitization dominates every corner of our business and personal life. Data and technology will continue to drive the changes in OOH, just as it is with other media channels. As we look ahead, we see opportunities to increase efficiency and connectivity while decreasing irrelevant creative and wasted impressions.

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Does Brand Authenticity Matter?

We’ve all heard the popular slogans companies use to position themselves as socially supportive organizations. Since this positioning strategy can be a value-add for a brand, but it can also be perceived as disingenuous, it’s important that brands understand authenticity and why it matters.

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Innovating With the Oldest Ad Medium

In recent years, Out of Home advertising has gained greater recognition as a core part of an integrated media plan. The digitization of assets is rapidly transforming how and why advertisers use it. With new technological advances, we look at what brands are doing with this extraordinary opportunity to innovate.

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