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Understanding the Trade Show Attendee Experience

Successful trade show marketing is about developing a media plan that aligns with and capitalizes on attendee behaviors in the market to accomplish a brand’s marketing goals. An effective trade show marketing strategy must be unique and specific for reaching attendees going to the convention market, during the event, and throughout their time moving around the city.

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5 Important Trends For Out Of Home Media In 2018

As 2018 fast approaches, I see a number of key trends that will continue to dominate the Out of Home industry. Big data, digital strategies, location and audience analytics will continue the rapid transformation of the Out of Home media landscape, changing how advertisers plan, buy, and deliver creative. As new measurement techniques, and integration with digital channels come online they will continue to add to the value proposition for Out of Home, making it an even stronger component of a robust media plan.

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OOH: The Spice in Your Media Plan

Chili is one of my favorite dishes to prepare for my family. There must be a million different recipes out there, but if nothing else, you gotta have some type of meat, beans and a sauce. Think of the basic ingredients to any chili recipe and compare it to traditional media – T.V./meat, radio/beans, sauce/digital. But who wants just the basics when you can enhance it with OOH/spices?

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