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Innovating With the Oldest Ad Medium

In recent years, Out of Home advertising has gained greater recognition as a core part of an integrated media plan. The digitization of assets is rapidly transforming how and why advertisers use it. With new technological advances, we look at what brands are doing with this extraordinary opportunity to innovate.

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6 Common Planning Mistakes in Out of Home

What advertisers who are new to OOH don’t realize is that there are many factors to consider when building a campaign, such as viable media formats, audience targeting, location, etc. Gain a better understanding of OOH and strategies that will increase its effectiveness, and avoid these common mistakes!

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OOH: The Spice in Your Media Plan

Chili is one of my favorite dishes to prepare for my family. There must be a million different recipes out there, but if nothing else, you gotta have some type of meat, beans and a sauce. Think of the basic ingredients to any chili recipe and compare it to traditional media – T.V./meat, radio/beans, sauce/digital. But who wants just the basics when you can enhance it with OOH/spices?

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