Airport Advertising:Reaching travelers in a captive environment

The airport: full of travelers with very little time to read your message amongst the visual clutter, rush and navigation. So why place advertising in such an environment?

Airport advertising is a great way to reach business decision makers, and leisure travelers in a captive environment with an extended dwell time. In addition to business and leisure travelers airport ads are an effective way to reach an event audience as they arrive in the host city for conventions, trade shows or medical meetings.

Airport advertising can be targeted to reach an arriving or departing audience. The key to effective placement is in partnering with an experienced out of home agency...we're doing it everyday throughout the USA. Let our experience work for you.

EMC has been placing ads that get read in busy airports for years. Our team will ensure that you get the best placement to target your audience.

Airports contain a variety of different advertising media options, including a wide range of dioramas, banners, wall wraps, digital networks, luggage carts and more. Media and sizes will vary by airport, please inquire for more information.

Please contact us to find out more about how airport advertising can reach your target audience.
Riverbed Technologies used an international airport advertising campaign to reach business decision makers. Read more…
Airport Advertising for Riverbed Technologies
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