Convenience Store Ads:Out of home media at the point of sale

Reach your audience on a repeated basis at their regular pit-stop with this lifestyle media

Located near store entrances, these posters grab attention, whether the customer is at the pump, at the door or just passing by. Convenience store posters are 46" H x 30" W and typically located near the entrance of convenience stores, both chain and independent, grocery or liquor stores, and other retail markets.

Convenience store displays are similar to other outdoor media, but are placed close to the point-of-sale in your chosen geographic target, and can provide penetration in specific neighborhoods and/or broad geographic areas. They can be used alone, or to enhance other media, targeting local neighborhoods, ethnic groups, and other demographic territories, as well as to cover an entire market area.

Please contact us to learn how convenience store ads can fit into your media plan.
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