Fitness Club Advertising:Strengthening your brands media plan
Fitness club advertising provides Out of Home media that can be highly targeted to a health conscious audience.

Fitness Club Advertising allows advertisers to reach an active and health-conscious audience on a repeated basis, and in a clutter free environment. There are a variety of media available including standard & backlit posters, banners, overhead displays, digital displays and mirror clings located in both common areas and locker rooms. Other media can include branded items like rugs and floor mats. There are also opportunities for sampling or promotional events.

Audiences will spend an extended amount of time with an advertiser's message every time they go to the gym. With members' HHI well above the national average, this audience has the motivation and the means to spend on personal appearance.

Please contact us to learn more about health club and fitness advertising.
Fitness club advertising was included in a comprehensive out of home media mix employed by Nationwide Insurance. Read more…
Fitness Club Advertising for Nationwide Insurance
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