VIDEO DISPLAY VEHICLES:Full motion video on a mobile platform
Turn your existing video collateral in mobile out of home with digital display vehicles.

Take the next step in mobile outdoor advertising and stand out from the pack of static mobile displays competing for your audience's attention.

This innovative new medium features full-motion, high-resolution television screens. Drive your fully-produced video or TV spots directly to your target audience — and directly to where your competition least expects it!

Video display vehicles — also called video mobile billboards — have approximately 80 square feet of glowing, state-of-the-art video display space and are fully wrapped in addition. The 2 large displays found on the driver and passenger sides of the truck can broadcast any type of video or still images. The driver's side display is a 12ft x 5ft "wall of video" that cannot be missed.

These mobile displays also offer a pro-line audio system for broadcasting your video's full message. In addition to the ability to play your produced audio / video spots, this state-of-the-art vehicle is wonderful for setting the stage at live events.

Video mobile billboards can be used to create their own mini-events.

For staged events, consider enhancing your video display vehicle with the power of a street team that can interact with an audience and act as a promotional team for your company or brand.

Putting your video spots on wheels makes our mobile vehicle a perfect medium for target marketing and covering hard to reach areas where traditional outdoor advertising has been zoned out. Please ask us for details about using this amazing media in your next campaign.

Please contact us to learn more about the flexibility and engagement possible with digital mobile billboards.
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