Digital Teams:Give your street teams the power of digital interaction

Raise the level of your audience interaction by equipping your street teams with digital technology.

With the explosion in the availability of portable digital technology via tablets, smart phones, and wifi enabled laptops, street teams can now take cutting edge technology directly to your audience.

With the flexibility of digital technology the brand experience can be customized to high level.

Connected devices can be used for product demos, interactive games, contest sign-ups, and other forms of data collection. The ability of technology to take photos and video can provide content for advertiser's social media channels, and can help drive consumers to engage on those social media channels.

Please contact us to learn more about the capabilities of digital street teams.
Travelzoo used a digitaly equipped street team to create an engaging event in Times Square. Read more…
Street Team Advertising for Travelzoo
Bud Light Lime used digital street teams as part of a multi-media campaign to drive social media engagement. Read more…
Digital Street Team Advertising for Bud Light Lime
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