Wrapped Vehicles:Unique creative opportunities with mobile Out of Home
Wrapped vehicles can deliver your message directly to an audience in an always memorable way.

Display your advertising in a creative, fun and exciting way on anything from a VW Bug to a Cadillac Escalade! These eye-catching, moving displays are great for targeting specific events as well as a general market audience with head-turning results.

Wrapped vehicles are a great way to target audiences in areas that are difficult to reach or where traditional outdoor is unavailable. Simply drive your message to the desired location or multiple locations They can also be used to transport your team, guests and VIP’s in style at events.

The sky's the limit! Wrap a vehicle, any vehicle . . . we'll handle all of the details and show you the full palette of available vehicles in whatever market you are considering.

Please contact us to learn how wrapped vehicles can add a fun and practical element to your outdoor advertising.

Featured Video

Mastercard used wrapped trolleys to provide complimentary transportation to card holders during the Magnificent Mile shopping festival in Chicago.

Hansen's Natural Beverages used wrapped smart cars to create pop-up events in the San Francisco market to help drive traffic to their online photo contest. Read more…
Wrapped Vehicle Advertising for Hansen's Beverages
Boehringer used wrapped vehicles as part of an OOH blitz to dominate a key event. Read more…
Wrapped Vehicle Advertising for Boehringer Ingelheim
Weetabix used this customized display to help drive a 61% sales increase in the targeted area. Read more…
Wrapped Vehicle Advertising for Weetabix
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